Are we thankful slaves??

By Safeera Abdul Lateef

Oftentimes in life, we totally forget the uncountable blessings Allah has granted in each of our lives. We never miss out to complain about the problems in our life, but we always miss out to thank for the blessings we are being granted everyday in life. 

Do we ever bother to count the blessings in our life or atleast think about it ?

Don’t we have two eyes with proper eyesight? Think about those blind people who wish to have just one glance of the world. 

Don’t we have two ears with proper hearing? Think about those deaf people who wish to hear their own voice to know what it is like. 

Think about the blessing of our hands, our feet, our fingers , don’t we use them frequently throughout the day? Think about those who don’t have these blessings. 

These are just few blessings which we have in your life. If we start counting our blessings and start thanking Allah, this life wouldn’t be enough for us to do that.

Just imagine, every second we breath in air right? If we keep thanking Allah for each breath of air every second, till our death, then would we have time to thank Him for rest of the blessings? Such are the blessings of Allah, it’s so vast, and still many a times we fail to realize it.

How much ever we thank Allah, it wouldn’t be enough if we compare it to the blessings we have in our life. We can never be fully grateful to Him. But can’t we be grateful to Him as much as we can? Atleast once in a day, can’t we thank Him? That isn’t beyond our capacity right?

So start thanking Allah. If we count the blessings in our life & start thanking Allah, we’ll feel ashamed to ask Him for more, and to complain about the silly problems we have. Whatever you are going to complain to Him about, first think have you done thanking him?

To end up I would like to remind you of the gratefulness of our beloved Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalam).

It is narrated by al-Mughira that the Prophet (Peace be upon Him) used to stand (in the salah) or perform salah until both his feet or legs swelled. He was asked why he offered such an unbearable salah. He said, "Should I not be a thankful slave." [Bukhari]

That was a person whose all sins were forgiven by Allah. We sin throughout the day and complain to Allah about our problems. Do we really have the right to do that? Just think for yourself. Do we have as much as problems as the blessings we have? Certainly not! So be a grateful slave. Stop complaining and be thankful that Allah gave you a life to serve Him, to worship Him. Show your gratefulness by living the way he commanded.


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