Deserted Masaajid and silent Mimbers - A heartfelt request from your sister.

Islamic Reasoning: Deserted Masaajid and silent Mimbers - A heartfelt request from your sister. - By Uzma Azmi

Not able to feel the beauty of congregational prayers in the mosques, some were deeply saddened because of the closing of the mosques during the lockdown due to its necessity and have been waiting desperately to perform their salah in it. But for some, the closing and the opening hardly makes any difference. It is even more disheartening to see them engaged in all sorts of worldly activities while giving excuse of the fear of the disease if they go to the mosques. 

I don't know who could relate himself to this post, but I have a request for him. Please turn and come few steps back and wait at the gate of the abandoned mosque for a while when u walked past it, and give a look filled with love at the weeping walls of the mosques. Try casting your eyes down in humility when you look at the cold floor which has been waiting for the warmth of your sajdah, and if you feel your heart coming alive, take a step forward and touch the awaiting gate, the deserted staircase, the lonely window panes and the silent minbar. Feel the pain of emptiness of a rich place. Let your eyes get teary and have the azan reverberating in your ears.

It won't take much of your time, and even if it does, it will be worth it. Trust me... my brothers. Just go ahead and grace the masjid with your presence. And all that with precautionary measures of course keeping in mind the pandemic.

A heartfelt request from your sister.

May Allah guide us to the truth.


The author, Uzma Azmi, writes for Islamic Reasoning through The Muslim Writers.

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