Islamic Reasoning - initiated by Iftikhar Islam - is an exclusive platform to present authentic information about Islam, clear misconceptions and present our views in an Islamic perspective. It caters a wide range of topics that includes, Tawheed, Ibaadaat, Salah, Marriage, Hijaab, Teens, Women, Naseeha, and other Motivational Stories

We, at Islamic Reasoning, also give importance to the various aspects of the biography of the famous personalities of Islam that includes Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), his companions, and the scholars of Islam. We believe that the biographies play a vital role to boost the Eemaan of young Muslims who in turn be the responsible citizens of the society.

This platform is open for all so that you can send your thoughts and researched articles pen down in such a manner that catches the heart of the readers.

We believe that Islam is the solution for the humanity and present the solutions for the problems of the society today, so we strive to seek the solution to our problems in the light of Islam.

If you are aspiring to be a writer and have zeal to write for Islam, we can assist you in writing. In'sha'Allah

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