Valentine’s Day – an Islamic perspective.

By: Iftikhar Islam

Islam is the complete way of life which shows the humankind to lead a life. It is a complete guide which helps in each and every aspect, and commands its believers to follow the commandment given by the Creator for their own betterment. Islam comes from Arabic root verb “Salm” which means Peace and it is also derived from “Silm” which means Submission. It is a religion which establishes Peace through submission to God Almighty – Allah. And Muslim is a person who submits his/her will to God Almighty. In order to prevail peace, it is must to establish ethical society – a peaceful way of living. 

Islamic reasoning | Valentine’s Day – an Islamic perspective. | Iftikhar Islam
Celebrations, revelries, carousing, partying, enjoyments are the part of life. But as a Muslim we are ordered to celebrate those things which are permitted by our creator - Allah. Islam gives guideline of dos and don’ts. As we have submitted to the Creator, we have to obey him – willingly or unwillingly – to achieve success, because he is our master, he is the one who rewards and punishes us. There is none other else who Love us more than Him. After all we are his creation.

Love is pure, and it is very much essential part of Life. It lets everyone to grow in a peaceful way. It is the key to success. It is necessary to establish peace in the society. And Islam is most loving religion and our creator is also Most Loving. 

Valentine day, initiated by Christian community, is famous for expressing love. It has become popular to express that love which is unaccepted by the ethical society. The purity of Love gets smashed in the name of Valentine. Love is taken for granted and invented a new route of obscenity behind the colorful screen of art and culture. In the name of Valentine day, most of the boys and girls try to “propose” or initiate friendship which is usually based on beauty which does not last longer. This day our young generation spends their pocket money in such a way that they don’t even realize the outcome of their spending. It leads to the path where the characters and behavior of young generation changes. They don’t even obey their teachers, elders and most importantly “beloved” parents.

In the name of freedom, young generation involves in the activities of their own liking – be it ethical or unethical – and the parents also supports them in their work. Remember, No one has complete freedom of his own. Even the president of the world’s powerful Nation should listen to the majority. He cannot take decisions of his own. He is backed with responsibilities. Don’t you think even you have responsibilities toward your own self, your society and coming generation? It is you who shapes their future! We have limited freedom. We should not cross the limits and save our coming generation from falling into obscenity, and pleasure seeker. Be a responsible citizen of your country and create an ethical society, that society where the blessings of your Creator befalls.

On this day, the expenditure done by our young generation is drastic, the time utilize in unwanted work increases. The sales of alcohol upsurges, even – surprisingly or unsurprisingly – the sale of condoms is also on the rise. Demand of condoms raises 20–30 percent on Valentine week as compare to normal days. Shishir Miglani, the director of online retail service Yes2condom, told the Indo-Asian News Service (IANS) "Sales increase up to 10-20 percent during Valentine's week, the reason being people grab this opportunity and try to make full use of their freedom."

Even we find date-rape increasing in this season. The Chinatimes Express reports “In Taiwan, date rape accounts for 65 percent of all reported female sexual assault cases. Of those, a full 40 percent of victims say they were assaulted by their boyfriend. While most victims are below the age of 18”. It further said, “An analysis of the relationship between rape victims and their alleged perpetrators showed that most commonly, the parties were initially friends, classmates, or even boyfriend and girlfriend, but had known each other for less than six months.”

This shows the where our young generation is marching towards and the future of our society. This is what we are witnessing and yet supporting to this unethical day. There are lots of people who still live in below poverty line. They don’t even get enough food to satisfy their hunger twice a day – leave about wearing fancy clothes. It is the young generation who guides the country, who takes the country in their way. India is fortunate enough to have majority of productive population. But at the same time, it is gloomy to say, of that majority productive population, majority is not responsible citizens, they don’t even care what other citizens possess, what are the effects of their behavior on the society!

In the name of celebration, our young generations go out and express their “feelings” which shaytan ignites. We don’t even care what our creator orders us in the Holy Quran “Nor come near to Adultery: It is an evil opening roads to other evils” (17:32). Celebration of valentine day is the door which leads to adultery, fornication, and what not! Do we accept all those craps with our sisters and daughters?? No! Obviously not, (if we are really serious, and love our sisters and daughter). The Prophet Muhammad (s) said “Anyone who imitates any ‘qaum’ (nation, religion, group, family, etc.), he is from them” We proudly say “we are muslims” but the moment we celebrate anything which belongs to any other ‘qaum’ then we will be from them.

In spite of all these facts we question, what is wrong in celebrating? What is wrong in greeting? It is the commandment of God Almighty and He is superior, far advanced and our Creator. He knows the best about us. “O our Lord, We hear and we obey, forgive us for you are the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.”

Let us take oath that we boycott those celebrations which are against the ethical society and humanity, and help in building a great Indian Nation in particular and the world as a whole.

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