It's thinking time O' brethren in faith

By: Mubina Desai

How long you have given time to yourself, it’s time to think, time to look back at what you have done, what you are doing and what you have planned to do? Most important is to think about what you have thought to do. If you haven't given yourself a chance to think about yourself, here is a chance!

If we sit down and look back at our past, we often find that we have been doing most of the things to make people happy, to be accepted by the society, for name, status, appreciation, recognition, etc. or, we do things because we like to do and it makes us feel good. But how convinced are we, how can we say what we have accomplished is correct? Don’t you feel the things you have done should be right and in accord with the natural belief? Yes definitely, for that is what differentiates us from the rest. We know we are blessed with a mind that can distinguish right from the wrong. Everyone is born with a purpose to love, to worship and to praise the Creator!

O ye who believe remember Allah With much remembrance..  And glorify him morning and evening.. {Surah Ahzaab 22 verse No..41,42}

Assume you have a friend... someone, whom you have trusted, loved, helped and cared. Some day you realize that this friend is not worth your friendship; what will you do? I'm sure you would be frustrated, annoyed and in the extreme case might go to the extent of disowning such a friend. Nobody likes to have a friend who is so ungrateful. Can you see yourself as this ungrateful friend? No never, then how can you see yourself as an ungrateful creation? But, unfortunately, consciously or unconsciously we fall into this category of ungrateful slaves.

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“And for men and women who engage much in Allah's remembrance for them has Allah prepared forgiveness and great rewards” {Suran: Ahzaab chapter 22 verse No.. 35}

Let us make an effort to change ourselves. Let us stop pretending to be busy and come out of our busy schedules to even think about ALLAH.

There is a Sahih Hadith Of Sahih Bukhari, in Book of Softening of the Hearts, Vol 8, Hadtith no 6412: Narrated by Ibn Ab’bas (May Allah be pleased with him), Allah’s Messenger said, ”There are two blessings which many Muslims lose: (they are) health and free time for doing good deeds”

And there are many similar ahaadeeths which speak about the importance of time and health. When we are young we are able to do engage ourselves more in the worship of Allah and the time we get we waste it in this deceptive world. How much time have we spent for the sake of Allah? What are we doing for his deen? Allah doesn’t need us but we need Allah. We need His mercy to enter paradise. 

Before making friends, we try to understand the person and then extend our friendship. Well, even we should know who our Creator is, understand Him and know about Him, understand the purpose of creation! All of us are born with a reason and the primary reason being “To accept that none but Allah is worthy of worship, obey Him, love Him, praise Him, thank Him and live in harmony with each other”. It is important for us to extend our friendship towards each other.

We often appreciate a person for his/her good work, appreciation, humility, generosity and kindness, they all sound like ingredients of a recipe that everyone wants to be served with but nobody wants to offer. All of us want the world in a platter not knowing what we have to offer to this world. It’s not a casual fling of rope for maintaining a relationship; it requires a lot of sacrifice, understanding and patience. No two human-being can think similar. It’s not what you have or what you are that makes u happy, it is what you can give, how selfless you are, that makes you happy. We need to divorce our egoism and change our attitude towards life.

We have to drive away the evil thought and deeds within us and clean our inner self, and get closer to Allah.

May Allah guide all of us to the straight path, the path that takes us closer to Allah and help us to build strong bond of relations.

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