Mother – The best Teacher, oops… The best Institution

By: Iftikhar Islam

The first institution a child gets admitted to is in the arms of a Mother. It is the only institution where there is no choice and everyone loves it. It is the institution where the whole personality develops. It is the institution where the great warriors were produced, great scholars emerged. Mother happens to be the first teacher of every child. She is not only a teacher but an Institution. She knows everything about her child and protects him in each and every fashion.

A child always goes in the arms of its mother for protection, seeks guidance, and learns to speak. The first person whom a child recognizes is a mother. The first language he speaks is also of a mother. Even he communicates with his mother without speaking.

Gradually he adopts everything from her, he starts imitating her and behaves same as her and even commits the same mistake which she commits. He accepts blindly what she teaches and believes it to be a fact, no matter the whole world is against it. A mother is not merely a teacher but an entire institution. She is the one who frames the child how she wants.

A child always sleeps with his mother, wakes up with her, eats with her and shares everything with her. He receives good bye from her when he goes to school and gets an open-arm welcome from her when he is back home. It is she who takes her homework and completes his studies and plans for his future.

A mother is always a good friend of a child. He removes everything from his heart and keeps it in front of her, shares with her. He feels secure talking to her and to be in her laps. It is she who understands him, guides him and protects him.

Our beloved Prophet peace be upon him gave her required place by glorifying her three times greater than the father. He said the most affection and companionship is to be given to the mother.

If we flip through the pages of history, we come to know about the mother of Imam Shafa’ee who sent her child to study abroad to live alone. We remember the mother of Eesa (alaihis salaam) how pious she was. There are many mothers who are hidden and history has not recorded it. Each mother is unique and exclusive in her own little way. We know many mothers who didn’t even see the doors of school in their childhood but manages to strive hard for the education of their children and make them gentle-men of the society.

Whenever I sit to check up the studies of my younger brother or nephew, I cannot do it for a long time due to a pile of reasons. It is the Mother who bears with her child, corrects his mistakes and copes up with him and helps him gain the required education.

Someone rightly said, “when you have educated a man you have educated a single person and when you have educated a woman you have educated the society” I say, When you give right knowledge to your daughters, you have created strong institution because she is your daughter today and Insha Allah will be Mother of someone in future.

Mothers are the one who shape their children’s future.

Don’t belittle her by saying she is a good teacher… in fact she is an entire institution!!!

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