My Reflections on Human World

Author: Madiha Ahmed

 Humans are the “best of creation”, who have been blessed with the ability to think, to differentiate between right and wrong. Humans, being superior to all creatures have the greater responsibility to care for all beings to propagate justice, peace and love. But is this what we do all the time or most of the time?

Animals lack the ability to think and the same goes for birds. Since God has given us the greater responsibility, we ought to keep up to His expectations as He is our Creator. God has made humans in the “best of forms” and we can become among “the lowest of the low”. We, humans, can rise above angels in worship of God, which is the sole purpose for which we are created and they too, but we have been given the power of reasoning whereas they are created to worship only. If we suppress the evil in ourselves, we can rise higher than the angels and if we let the evil dominate, we can sink lower than the animals!

Each one of us has been blessed with special talents and resources and is unique in our own ways. No two people can be compared as each one has a different purpose to serve in the world. God has created a perfect balance in each one of us, so that if one is extremely good looking, lack of manners or some other deficiency will be found. On the other hand, if one is average looking, there may be extraordinary talent of communication or politeness etc.

There are various kinds of people in the world. According to me four types, the first being good, the second moderate or average, the third not so good and fourth bad! The first kind hears what the conscience says, does what is morally right. The second kind is often confused about morals. They are confused whether certain things are right or wrong. They do care about morals but sometimes are prevented from following it due to the society’s opinion of them. The third kind does not care about morals, principles, right or wrong, they do what is “cool”, “trendy”, “fashionable”, etc. They go by what they see and hear, without judging the matter. The fourth kind does not care about humanity. They indulge in inhumane activities and atrocities; they are brutal, selfish and harsh. Hitler was one such individual. He killed or rather was responsible for the death of six million Jews.

We humans know that none has the power to create but God and yet certain sections make and worship idols, do biddah in dargah! We also know that no one loves and cares for us as our Creator, God does, and yet we seek love in the world among people! We know that life and death, health and sickness, are with Allah’s commands and yet we boast, when we can’t even breathe without God’s will! We live in the world as if there are no worries besides earning, fooding, clothing, shopping, studying; no responsibility besides studying, bringing up children, earning! We don’t make an effort to realise our duties, our responsibilities, and our purpose in life. We give all our time and energy, thinking and working towards our ambition and goal of being a doctor, engineer, pilot, C.A., officer, etc. How many of us actually think beyond this? Are studies everything? Is a good income enough for our lives? Is being a doctor or an engineer, the definition of success? Think about it!

We think of being good human beings, when the functions of our organs retard, when we near our death, our end! That is the time, when we make sacrifices, we become generous, and we become wise. Let me tell you, wisdom not only comes with age, there are other means to become wise, even in your youth. Old age has very little to do with sacrifice. There is nothing much to sacrifice- you have little energy, few resources, little strength. Sacrifices can be made when you have lots of energy, lots of strength, enormous resources...your youth...which you waste in watching TV, chatting uselessly, music, hanging out with friends.

Youth...a time in life when you can create revolutions, can create histories, when you can contribute to the world - peace, justice and love, propagate humanity. Youth, is a stage when you can put the wrongs right, war to peace, injustice to justice. How can we waste our youth? If only the young know, what their potential is, then how peaceful this world would be?

Instead of using their energies to bring about constructive, positive changes, the youth aimlessly spend their time in drug addiction, terrorism, and violence in so many negative ways, thereby wasting their energies, their resources! May God help the youth to utilize their energies, their resources in a constructive, positive manner! Ameen. 


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