The teacher of Arabia: The teacher of mankind.

Author: Ayaz Farooqui

How many of our modern day degree holders realize that our best generation had graduated inside a mosque built up of mud bricks; that had palm leaves as its roof to shade the teacher of Arabia and his students against the sun and rain.

At the time when the Roman and the Persian empires were enjoying the luxuries and delights of this world; he, the teacher of Arabia and his students lived on empty stomach, walked and ran bare-footed, sat and slept on floor. They sacrificed themselves just to hold the "hand" of the Almighty, to acquire the Divine wisdom, to secure the knowledge that would assist them on this planet and in the world unseen.

This teacher of Arabia didn’t build any monumental structure, or any sizable mosque (had he wished, he could have done so), but he built their (his students’) belief "of steel" (not of mud or clay), their determination "of Iron" (not of dust), their courage "of unbreakable stones" (not of sand), their conviction "of concrete" (not of ashes), their morals incorruptible.

In contrary to this, we are getting educated in luxurious towers and buildings, via Smart Classes, in AC rooms. Our palaces Magnificent, houses grand, surroundings majestic, localities ostentatious, and the culture that binds us all is, salacious.

Of course, we do have mosques with impressive architecture, striking beauty, historic resemblance; with outstanding, illustrious designing and framework.

But there is scarcity, and absence of faith. There is a lack of the fire that was kindled by the teacher of Arabia. Our belief now is of mud, determination of dust, courage we posses is of sand, last but not the least our conviction and will power is reduced to ashes -as often as we hit by calamities- we crumble, fragment, and then we collapse.
The teacher of Arabia and his students fulfilled their tasks, and satisfied their Master. What he left behind is a miraculously divine Book (Qur'an) and his legacy (his sayings and traditions). We cannot flourish or prosper unless we follow his footsteps. Indeed, he showed us the path of the ultimate success.

And he did remind us in his last sermon: I leave behind me two things, the Qur'an and my example (the sunnah), if you follow these you will never go astray.

Allah honored him, and declared "There has certainly been for you in the messenger of Allah an excellent pattern of conduct...” (Qur'an 33:21)

**The teacher of Arabia signifies Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who is, infact, the teacher, the ultimate example for humanity; and his students signifies his companions (may Allah be pleased with them).

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