How thankless am I, how arrogant am I, in your world... O' Allah!

By: Ashraf Ali Khan

I wrote this article during my flight journey to Chandigarh. As I reached the airport, I saw at every juncture I was given options...check-in, seat option, meal options, and so on. Alhamdulillah for whatever Allah has bestowed me with.

However, as the flight took off, sitting at the window seat I realized something that I would like to share. As the flight reached greater altitude, I was starting to realize that the men started looking small, then the houses, then the cities, and so on. If I was down there, I would have been insignificant to the least.

 I realized how insignificant I am to this world. I was not asked "Sir, do you want to go into this world now or later?” I was never asked "Sir, would you want to be born in Bangalore or New York?”... I was never asked "Sir, do you want to be black or white, short or tall, thin or fat, etc.?"

I was just sent to this world without my permission or even prior notice. I also realized that everyone who has come to this world has left it sooner or later. Same will be the case with me. I am not going to be asked "Sir, would you want to leave this world now?

I was nothing but a drop of dirty water who was taken care in a womb of a human being and given sustenance in a place where I could not even stretch my limbs. I was sent to this world and I was given a diet for the initial days of my life which had only a liquid which had all the ingredients to form bones and flesh.

Oh Allah, you are the are the creator and sustainer of this world. How thankless am I in your world. How arrogant am I that I take pride in my body which is a bounty from you. How arrogant am I that I am boastful of my intelligence which is given by you. How arrogant am I?

I pray to Allah that he gives me humility to lead my life on his commands and thank him every second of my life. Ameen.

How thankless am I - Ashraf Ali Khan - Islamic Reasoning

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