Salah – it is fardh even to you sisters in the market!

By: Nida Khan

There are many Muslim sisters who like to be in the markets, their hobbies include shopping. Islam is the most beautiful way of life. It does not suppress our desires but it channelize those desires in a proper way. Shopping is not haram in Islam, but if that shopping takes you away from your Lord, then it becomes haraam for sure.

I see many of my sisters who wander in the market without even considering that they have to pray Salah – an obligation ordered by their Creator. Yes! Salah – it is fardh even to you sisters! When you don’t have any special places like mosques (especially in India), then for Allah’s sake don’t leave your home at the time of Salah. If you show guts leaving your home at the time of Salah, then show guts even to perform Salah in the markets, gardens, grounds, etc. because a believer can offer Salah on every clean place on earth. If you don’t have guts to pray in the market or gardens, then do not challenge Allah by leaving your home and miss your Salah.

My sisters, I am sorry to say, you do not fear Allah even in the month of Ramadhan. When our beloved prophet ordered us to remain at home, we as a “modern women” throws the commandment of the prophet in the dust and walk shamelessly in the market for shopping and having delicious food. Believe me sisters, you have to stand before Allah and answer all your deeds which you used to do on this earth. Your delicious food of the market may turn a food of Hell in the hereafter. Your pretty dresses may turn the dresses of hell. Your enjoyment may lead you to Fire. Fear Allah sisters.. Fear Allah.

Even we don’t care about hijaab when Allah has created us the most precious creation on earth – precious than men, obviously :) – and ordered us to maintain hijaab as we are the creation who attracts. It is painful to see my sisters without hijaab and least bothered about Salah – and that too in the markets. Some wear western outfit with scarf and think they are observing hijab while the others apply huge make-up and shamelessly wear fancy burqa.

Think on it, what will happen when you die? Will you be shrouded in the fancy burqa? Or apply make-up for your journey towards graveyard? When you go simple to meet Allah why are you so concerned about make-up and style to meet non-mahrams?

O Allah, pour hayaa on me and my sisters; forgive our sins and make us from those who follow your commandments. Aameen.

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