Eid ul Adha: Let’s analyse ourselves

By: Mubina Desai

Once upon a time long ago, there lived an old man with his wife who had no children. Even in the old age they never gave up their faith and kept on praying to Allah for a child. Allah tested him again and again. In the old age he was blessed with a son. Yes, this is the true inspirational story of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his son Ismael (AS).

One day Ibrahim (AS) had a dream in which he was asked to sacrifice his young and beloved son. When he mentioned his dream to his son, he did not think for a second and happily agreed to lay down his life to obey Allah's command. However, the Most Merciful Creator was just putting his Prophet in another great test, which he beautifully passed. Allah was so pleased with their act of obedience and willingness to sacrifice just to fulfil his command and by the Mercy of Allah, his little son was replaced by a sheep. Subhan Allah! So from that day Allah has made it obligatory for all Muslims to sacrifice animal on that day. This is a reminder for us to have faith and obedience like Ibrahim (AS).

It is very painful to see people comparing the size and rates of the animals with each other. “How much did your cost?” is the question we ask others. Those who would have bought expensive animals will be proud of their sacrifice. Sacrifice has become a competition and show off. Is this what we have learnt from Ibrahim (AS)? We have forgotten the real message of Eid-ul-Adha.

Eid-ul-Adha comes every year to remind the selfless life of Ibrahim (AS). Now, let us learn to sacrifice for the sake of Allah alone. Let us be the obedient slave of Allah like Ibrahim (AS). Let us throw away our desires and sacrifice everything in the way of Allah. Do not wait for tomorrow as it is not guaranteed. The real sacrifice is to submit our will to Almighty Allah without a second thought like Ismail (AS).

However, our lives are full of disobedience. People have made this Eid as the Eid of meat. We concentrate on eating. We not just eat but store the meat as well for days together, and some store it for months. Allah provides us with sustenance and showers his bounties in such a way that we have more than one dish on our table and often meat is included. So in spite of thanking Allah and concentrate on how Ibrahim (AS) sacrificed everything for Allah we concentrate on food. May Allah give us hidayah and forgive our short comings. Aameen

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