Motherhood – the best phase of a woman

Islamic Reasoning: Motherhood - the best phase of a woman | By Iftikhar Islam

By: Iftikhar Islam

Man was tensed, lonely, and tired of being alone, then, God Almighty from the very own rib of the man created a woman as his partner and better half. God Almighty gifted him a woman for peace and solace. The birth of a woman is a blessing to the society. The Prophet of God, Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: If anyone brings up two daughters affectionately and get her married to a right person, then he will be with him in Paradise. A curious companion asked: O Prophet of Allah, what if anyone has one daughter. He (peace be upon him) replied, even he. (May Allah grant me daughters and give me a chance to live with the Prophet in Jannah. Aameen)

As man, even a woman passes through different phases in her life. Without a second opinion, every sensible person would agree with me, the best phase is of a Motherhood. She is a daughter, sister, wife and a mother. She also passes from infanthood, childhood, adulthood, so on and so forth. In each phase, she plays a vital role of being herself. However, when she becomes a Mother her duties and responsibilities multiply. She doesn’t even care for other things and gets involved in fulfilling her duty as a Mother.

I do not have to exaggerate and go on elucidate because the words of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is enough to attribute her of the right of being loved three times more than a father. Without going much into the details of a mother, I just want to point out a few things.

Firstly, I request today’s youth who are curious for marriage to search for a mother for their children and then think from the perspective of a wife. The best gift any father can give to his children is a good and pious mother. And pious mothers are very good wives too. If your mind is in search of a good wife, then, you may end up in preferring beauty, wealth and family status, rather than virtue. Whenever you go forward for a proposal, think whether she fits as a mother of your child.

Secondly, those who already have daughters should bring them up in such a manner that they become excellent mothers to their children. Don’t think you are raising a daughter but think that you have to give a new institution to the world… Yes, an Institution! I don’t believe mothers to be only teachers, but they are institutions. Your daughter can become an excellent mother – a role model to her children when she takes up burqa (abaya) in her childhood, play with it, and get ready to love Allah’s commandments.

I remember my niece, she is fond of wearing burqa as she sees her mother wearing it. She covers her face beautifully as if she has taken the help from her mother. If you allow your daughter to wear immodest dress thinking that Hijaab is not obligatory on her due to her childhood, then you are not sincere in her upbringing. Remember… She is a trust given to you from Almighty and He will ask you about her One Day.

Hayaa is a part of Eemaan (Iman), and if your daughter possesses this treasure then, Insha Allah, she will give birth to Abdullah ibn Mubarak, Imam Shafi’ee, Imam Bukhari, and more such examples who became the silver lining amidst dark clouds! My dear brothers and sisters don’t you think we are in need of these great Imams in our present society?

We think of building great institutions in the society to eradicate vulgarity, lewdness, indecency and create a peaceful society with highly respected morals. It is high time to strengthen our own daughters and make them prepare to become great institution (I mean great mothers) and flourish their moral and ethical knowledge in the society.

It only happens when we follow the guidance given by the Lord of the Worlds who have created us. He not only created us but also gave a set of rules and regulation, freedom and limitation, and showed the way of life to be led in a peaceful manner. Don’t cross the border set by the Creator. We can draw only one straight line between two points; similarly, there is only one way of life shown by our Creator. Don’t hesitate to follow those guidelines. Remember, you are responsible in creating great institutions. Are you ready for it?

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