STORY: I carried a dead Muslim girl out of a night club - a painful story

Story: I carried a dead Muslim girl out of a night club - a painful story - Islamic Reasoning

I never really tell stories about my past, mainly because we dont need to be exposing our past sins and a little bit because I dont wanna snitch on myself.. But time to time I reflect on the lessons learnt.

It was October 2011 and I was a security manager in the nightclub scene. I got called to work a big urban night, which people attended from all over the country. Over 3000 people came and the place was full from wall to wall. Some well known rappers and DJ's were playing that night and I remember it smelt like cocoa butter, weed and sweat.

Alcohol and drug fuelled, there was so many fights. I remember seeing a guys head split when he got hit with a champagne bottle, blood everywhere. It was absolutely manic! I remember being so angry at the promoters for putting us in this situation as bouncers.

Anyway, at the end of the night as everybody rushed out the club in a hurry, people started to push, slip and fall down the stairs. With no regard for each other, they just started to walk over the people who had fallen and stamp all over them. Before you knew it there was a stampede and people were getting trampled and crushed.

Along with a few others I started to pull people out of the pile of bodies being crushed as others carried on walking all over them. I could hear screaming, crying and shouting... but these animals just did not care and would not stop. I was pulling people out from under the crowd and to safety as the police, paramedics and firemen turned up to help.

I went back in and pulled one female out who was unconscious and carried her outside the club to a paramedic. I placed her down on the car-park floor and ran back inside to help more people. Every time I came back out I looked at this girl not moving and the paramedic frantically trying to help. I went over to ask what's going on and they told me shes dead.

They checked her ID and from her name I found out she is a Muslim. Another girl also died that night and around 35 people were seriously injured. The police reviewed the footage and told me that I probably saved 30 lives that night..

But not this one.!

Till this day I cry when I think about her. It scared me so much to think as a Muslim I could lose my life in a nightclub. It was the start of me trying to change my whole life around. My intention is to continue doing sadaqa jarya charity projects for her.

May Allah forgive us for our sins and have mercy on this young Muslimah who was only around 19 years old.

Death can come at anytime man, you have to be prepared. The clubbing scene is nothing but filth. I've seen people lose their lives and even stopped women getting raped in my time on the doors.

Alhamdulillah for the second, third, fourth and however many other chances Allah has given us.

You can have the darkest past, but it shouldn't prevent you from having the brightest future. I work in this charity scene because me personally I have so much to make up for from the past.

Allah is the most merciful..and that is the reason why we can never give up.

May Allah take us at a time He is happy with us. Ameen.


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