Al Nikah - The Marriage in Islam

Marriage plays an important role in the development of human life for peaceful dwelling. Islam gives utmost value to married life that helps in the eradication of sins from individual and the society, and helps us to be nearer to the Almighty.

In’sha’Allah, here you will find a collection of articles, scholarly verdicts (fataawa), lectures and advices on marriage that will help you to nurture your life in an Islamic perspective... Stay tune.

Utilize your life in the obedience of Allah and get married soon so that you start your family life as early as possible and earn rewards from Allah… Complete your half deen, it has blessings in it!

Dr. Israr Ahmed's advice on marriage (Parents' special)

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A Glance: (coming soon, In'sha'Allah)

  • Importance of marriage in Islam
  • Planning regarding marriage
  • Emotional attachment in marriage
  • Balancing the marriage
  • Etiquette of intimacy
  • Importance of having children
  • Parenting in an Islamic perspective
  • Education of Children - moral and academics
  • Parents rights and our duties.
  • Divorce - know it before its too late
  • Polygyny: a blessed Sunnah - do not mistake it.

Marriage Workshop (Urdu) - Br Imran (IREF):

Scholars' Advice:

Other Articles:


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