Corporate World excuse me: Hijab is my way and my life

Author: Nida Khan

I wonder why people have issues with hijab. Why people are “developing” their mind and thinking hard on it. Why is it an issue for them? After all it’s my hijab, my freedom, my security and above all my feminity. Oh excuse me feminist, if you don’t like hijab it’s your choice but don’t dare to fight for our so called ‘freedom’ of your dictionary. Hijab is our right, it is obligatory in Islam and it is a part of our faith. It is a commandment from my Master.

Women are played by the society in the past as well as in the present. People used to degrade women and humiliate them in the past and same is going on in today’s world. Women are made as an object and women of today’s era is accepting it whole heartedly.

Corporate world is trained enough to play with the body and soul of the women and astonishingly today’s women have sold their most valuable brains to these corporate world – leading to removal of all the clothes. Shame on us. Shame on our femininity.

Behind the colorful screen of liberalization and rights, these corporate world is playing with women. In majority of the ads even though there is no need of a woman the advertisers push them into it anyhow. What woman has to do in the ad of men’s undergarment? What is the need to advertise a bikini? Women do not know to purchase it? But the corporate world pay so huge that today’s women have sold her body “legally”, and yet we hope to get respect in the society. Is it not hypocrisy?

Think logically these corporate world prefers woman; from receptionist to a news and T.V. show anchor; from secretary to Air Hostess. Many of the jobs require women to wear shorts and be ‘good’ looking. I don’t mind if any woman prefers to sell her body and display her secrets, but don’t ever come in our way to bother us. Don’t even to dare think we are degraded or oppressed. We don’t live in houses, we live in castles. Don’t try to underestimate us; we are trained, we are strong, we have Iman (Faith), we have everything. We rock the talk shows, we excel in education, we maintain our homes, we secure our castles, we take care of our husbands – they are our equal halves, we up-bring our children, we give them values, we build the society; more importantly, we get rewards from the one who created us – The Almighty.

Until and unless we take care of our husbands they won’t find peace, they need us to be with them, and they need peace. It is you – the corporate world – who have portrayed us to be degraded when we serve our husbands. We don’t believe you we believe in the Almighty who has created us. He has secured our rights and has given liberty too. My liberty is in in my Hijab… Excuse me corporate world, it’s my hijab… my identity.

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