Increasing rapes and the real questions to be answered

By: Meraj Kazi

Rape cases in our country, especially in the metros like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata, has convulsed the country into the grief, anger & self-loathing. What sort of people are we, living amidst the worst crimes committed? What kind of society have we made??

Does censorship to films help preserve a sense of decorum & decency? Isn’t there a vanishingly little evidence on our streets? Aren’t the politicians right in blaming the advertising, music videos & our already censorious culture? Isn’t it a link to violent rape fantasy in song lyrics, a novel or, indeed, a rape scene in film of unwatchable brutality? Is it really not the consequence of pop culture? Are we not supposed to question the sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, feminist, plain stupid assumptions of pop culture we consume? Are we not to blame the disgusting lyrics of Honey Singh or the nudity played out in our films, TV shows & advertisements? Doesn’t alcoholic intoxication lead to such acts?

Rape - Islamic Reasoning - Meraj Kazi
Was Asaram Bapu really wrong when he said one hand cannot clap by itself? Was the clergy of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind really wrong to advocate the shutdown of co-educational institutes & dressing up of girls in a dignified & sober clothes? Was Mohan Bhagwat really insane when he asserted that more rapes happen in “India” as compared to in “Bharat”? Won’t men be provoked when they see women flaunting their bodies? Will men deny an invitation when someone offers them the fruit on a plate? Are girls not misusing all the freedom they are given in this world? Have men lost the sense of what is harassment, what is crime & what is uncivilized? How can we expect that the dry grass with petrol near it under scorching heat won’t catch fire?

Isn’t it decline of pieties among men & women? Have we lost the concept of accountability for our actions? Have we lost the concept of Hijaab of eyes & actions? Don’t we need tangential reforms in police actions, in judicial procedures? Isn’t it the reason that the women are being used & over-used?

Account & answer yourself the above questions on the basis of your intellect, without ignoring your inner instincts & values, and most importantly, without being a male chauvinist or a feminist

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