A glance on the lessons taught by Prophet Ibrahim Alaihissalaam

By Moinuddin Ibn Nasrullah

Eid means happiness. We Muslim all over the world celebrate two Eids in a year. This article is based on the Eid commonly known as Eid-ul-Adha or Bakra Eid. The story behind this Eid is quite interesting, emotional and related to the prophet who was tested by Allah constantly and he always proved himself to be a true believer of Allah by passing each test.

Let’s have a glance on the various lessons that Prophet Ibrahim (AS) has taught us. We all know that Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was known as “Khalilullah” which means a “friend of Allah.” To be a friend of someone we need to pass the test of friendship. We need to care and trust our friend. When it comes to friendship with Allah, we need to be more sincere – as you cannot hide anything from Allah.

Ibrahim (AS) was born in a family that worshiped idols made of stones. His father Aazhar was a strict follower of idol worship. When Ibrahim (AS) reached teen age, he started to ponder upon his surroundings in search of the real God. He pondered upon his existence and the existence of the entire universe and ended up with the fact that the Creator of the entire universe is the actual personality worthy to be worship alone. Thus, we learn from him that we must not accept whatever is said to us or whatever we see around us - unless we reason it with our intellectual mind.

When we get to know the truth we must spread it to the people around us without fearing any obstacles. We also see a very spectacular thing in the story of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) that he accepted Allah as his Lord by going against his father. We need to be on the truth no matter who is against it. However, Ibrahim (AS) respected his father and was kind to him. He used to address his father as “O My father” – in a respectful tone - whenever he use to address him. Nowhere we find that he ever disrespected or ill-treated his father, though he was an idol worshiper. We, being in an Islamic environment and family, disrespect and humiliate our parents many a times with our words and actions.

Ibrahim (AS) taught us how to have faith in our Creator – Allah. We celebrate Eid-ul-Adha in remembrance of the sacrifice, trust, obedience and love of prophet Ibrahim (AS) towards Allah. We slaughter animals to develop in ourselves the ability and confidence to, Insha’Allah, sacrifice each and everything for Allah, may it be our lives or our children, like the prophet Ibrahim (AS). We pray to Allah to make us steadfast and brave enough to return to Allah what He has given us in this Duniya. (AMEEN)

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