What else you will sacrifice on this EID? Let’s take some lessons from the life of Ibrahim (alaihissalaam)

By: Nazir Shaikh

As we all know that EID UL ADHA (Festival of Sacrifice) is all about sacrificing. This is the legacy of Prophet Ibrahim (Alaihissalaam) which was ordered to our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) and his Ummah till the last day.

Let’s us ponder on the sacrifices made by Ibrahim (Alaihissalaam) and look into our own selves, where do we stand.

Ibrahim (Alaihissalaam) in his childhood days sacrificed his house when his father threatened him to kill if he didn’t follow idol worship and its rituals. Ibrahim (Alaihissalaam) starts reasoning and countering the practice done by his father. Now how many of us can really do this?

Yes, few of us can do this and there are some reverts (the people who accepts the teachings of Islam) who have gone against their parents & society to preach & practice the straight path of Prophet Ibrahim (Alaihissalaam).

One day he took his wife “Hajara” and son “Ismail” to the desert of Arabian Peninsula where there was no any sign of life - totally uncultivable land. He left them both in the middle of the desert with some water & food which was hardly enough for two days. When his wife asked him “Why are you leaving us in this barren valley?” He remained silent and continued walking. She repeated the same question again! There was no response. She realized that Allah has commanded him to do so. She asked him, "Did Allah commanded you to do so?" He replied: "Yes." Then his great wife said, "We are not going to be lost, since Allah Who has commanded you is with us."

Now Imagine that you have to leave your wife and son, who is not more than two years old, in a barren valley where there are no signs of life. Could we do that? We don’t even dare to leave them in a peaceful place, how can anyone leave them in a barren valley? Ponder over his wife’s etiquettes that she did not argue with him but relied on Allah and prompted him to move ahead on his prophetic mission. What our wife would do if the same thing would have happened with us? Did we ever tried to engage her in any of the good things we do in our life? Or, have you, my dear sisters, appreciated any efforts of your husband and stood beside him in fulfilling his obligations?

Ibrahim (Alaihissalaam) had only a son Ismail (Alaihissalaam), at that time, and Allah commanded him to sacrifice his beloved son. Ibrahim said to Ismail: "O my son, indeed I have seen in a dream that I [must] sacrifice you, so see what you think." (Quran 37:102) What frightening words were they for any normal child to hear! Ismail could have kept silent. He could have asked his father to refrain from doing so. But Ismail also had faith and submitted his will to Allah.

Realizing his father's distress, Ismail gave him these comforting words: "O my father, do as you are commanded. You will find me, if Allah wills, of the steadfast." (Quran 37:102) As soon he moved the knife to slaughter his son, the knife did not cut. Ibrahim received a sheep and was called by Allah: "O Ibrahim! You have fulfilled the vision." Indeed, we thus reward the doers of good. Indeed, this was the clear trial." (Quran 37:104-106). Ibrahim (Alaihissalaam) passed the tests successfully with his family and earned the love of Allah.

We can never think of undergoing the tests like Ibrahim (Alaihissalaam) but he did it just for the sake of Allah. Therefore, he is regarded as Khaleelullah. Allah says: "And Allah took Abraham as an intimate friend." (Quran 4:125)

We commit lots of sins in our life. We disobey Allah now and then. However, this is the time we start sacrificing everything for Allah - the desires to commit sins; the ego of wealth, beauty and power - let us sacrifice it for Allah and be an obedient salve. Ibrahim (Alaihissalaam) had sacrificed many things in his life, we have mentioned only few of those incidents that are mentioned in Quran & Hadith. We do sacrifice Sheep & Goats on Eid Ul Azha but we are not able to sacrifice our bad habits. This EID UL AZHA lets sacrifice the bad habits as well.

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